The bustling citadel is built precariously on a towering pillar of coal. A valuable resource that fuels an alchemical fire that renders a versatile “intelligent glass”. Tireless miners hollow out the mass of the dwindling deposit. They create an intricate network of tunnels and rooms that eventually become dense living spaces for the growing populace. Deep into the core they find a rich mineralized spring water that brings life to those willing to pay or trade. The dusty plain surrounding the old town extends into the horizon – only the Greyberry tree grows there. All citizens are orderly and busy. A certainty about everything is absolute…

The Veil of Normal series is printed on EPSON Enhanced Matte Archival Paper

  • Archival quality 76 years approximately
  • Flat matte surface provides the optimum deep black.
  • Heavyweight stock delivers high quality print feel.
  • High colour gamut yields remarkable colour reproduction.
  • Epson Archival Ink compatibility ensures exceptional lightfastness ratings.

Additional information

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 42 × 3 cm

12"x16", 19.75"x27.5", 24"x35.75"


The Keep, The Spell, The Cabal

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